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  • ACSW -- Academy Certified Social Workers, NASW
  • City University of New York/Baccalaureate Alumni Association
  • Fordham University School of Social Service Alumni Association
  • Seminar for Field Instructors - May 1988 - Rutgers University
  • Seminar for Field Instructors - Febuary 1996 - Florida International University
  • Resolve for Central New Jersey - Clinical Associate 1989-1993
  • Lifeline for Children, Member
  • Advanced Social Work Case Manager, NASW


  • Article in Adoptive Families Magazine November/December 1996 The Waiting Game, Beating The Holiday Blues.
  • Contributed to the book Launching a Baby's Adoption by Patricia Irwin Johnston 1997.
  • Produced and wrote Video, Coping with Infertility and Moving on to Adoption.
  • Contributed to the book Working with the Aged by Dr. Marcella Bakur-Weiner
  • Featured in several newspaper articles and made several guest appearances on television and radio.

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